Tobogganing is about as Canadian as it gets!


As a Canadian kid growing up with snow sports was pretty much a given. With eight months of snow its hard to avoid if you ever want to go outside.

Tobogganing ranked pretty high up on my list as it was basically available right in my backyard. We all had a toboggan of some sort and everyday after school we would head out the closest hill and spend hours dragging them up and then flying down as fast as we could.

We would build ramps and see who could get the most air time. We would also crash off them and roll face first into the snow on a regular basis. My sister has a permanently damaged tailbone from one particular incident involving a wooden toboggan and a poorly judged route.

Anyway, it was endless entertainment and pretty damn good exercise too! Nothing like three hours of dragging a sled full of heavy snow up the side of a hill while wearing a snowsuit and big clunky boots to get your cardio up to snuff. Somehow it didn’t seem to bother us back then though.

I’m pretty sure I would have a full on cardiac arrest if I tried that now. I do try to keep in shape and I’ve taken up skiing again which is a nice way to ease into the world of outdoor sports without all the uphill trekking. The ride up the chairlift is a nice recovery between runs.

These days I also make sure I get my protein smoothie before I take on any strenuous exercise and sometimes afterward too. As we get older its critical that we get the proper nutrition so we can stay active and age in a healthy way.

Tobogganing is a whole lot more like work and involves a lot more caution than it used to but its still a lot of fun too! If you happen to be in a snow filled location this winter then you should give it a try.


Can you put a really put a price on warmth and comfort when it is freezing cold outside?

Canada Goose Jackets are made in Toronto and Winnipeg specifically  to help you survive the harsh Canadian winters.  They are stylish, very high quality, down filled parkas and thus are quite expensive.  If you like to enjoy the outdoors in the winter whether you are downhill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, winter camping or just shovelling your driveway Canada Goose has a jacket for you.

Canada Goose jackets are being worn in the Antarctic, North West Territories for Iditarod races and even to climb Mount Everest.  If these people can trust these jackets in these extreme conditions so can you.  For example the Snow Mantra Parka is renowned as the warmest parka on earth, ready for the harshest conditions.  It has been field tested in extreme temperatures of -30 Celsius and below.

One thing to watch out for is counterfeit Canada Goose jackets.  You must buy your jacket from an authorized retailer to make sure it is authentic.  There are a number of web sites online selling counterfeit jackets and if you are not sure if the site is authorized you can enter the web site (URL) at to find out if it is a legitimate retailer.

All Canada Goose parkas and jackets come with a lifetime warranty which is  “Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Every Canada Goose product purchased from an authorized retailer is fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product ever fails due to manufacturing defect, we will repair the product free of charge, or we may choose to replace it.”

A Canada Goose parka will be the last parka you ever need to buy.  Here is the link to their website

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